Walk In our world (WioW)

WioW is a collaborative of international and American bleeding disorders camp programs. The purpose of WIOW is to share knowledge and experiences which foster a greater understanding and sense of unity among the global bleeding disorders camp community.

How it works?

Interested Camps apply by completing a “Match Form”, providing details of their match camp and their expectation for the camp to camp relations.

Step 1:

WIOW screens camps based on their program and expectations.

Step 2: Established camps are partnered with a suitable camp in a different country. Camps which need extra organizational help may be asked to work with a mentor for a year before they can be partnered with another camp.

Step 3: Partnered camps are assigned a WIOW facilitator and given access to WIOW online tools. 

Step 4:
With the help of the facilitator the camps create a “partners agreement” outlining how they will work together to share camp activity and planning ideas, camp photos and videos, and letters. Also, the camps will guide each other in creating “Visitor Day” activities designed to teach staff/campers about life in the other country.  

Step 5: At the end of the camp year the partnered camps will work together to create a lessons learned report for sharing with other camps. Partnerships are ideally two-years along to allow participants to learn from and build on the partnership. The WIOW facilitator is always available to work with the camps to offer guidance on meeting expectations and preparing the lessons learned letter. 

Benifits of Partnership.

▪ A source of new program, activity, and planning ideas for you camp
▪ A unique opportunity for your staff and campers to learn about the world and develop a greater appreciation for other perspectives and cultures
▪ Offers leadership development opportunities especially for teens and junior staff when you have them “run” the WIOW activities for you camp Note: There is no fee to participate. Online tools are based on common platforms and formats for ease of use. 

TO LEARN MORE OR APPLY. leaders@wiow.in

Our Program Leaders

WIOW is supported by the hard work & ideas of many people.

WIOW international contacts:

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